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How does a chatbot work?

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Who uses chatbots?

ChatBots are being very useful for businesses that are incorporating this tool into their digital strategy. In fact, there has been an increase in the financial and health sector, as these items are seeking to integrate virtual assistants to improve their customer experience. But do you want to know which businesses use chatbots most ? Read this article to learn …

What mechanism of the body causes sleep?

There is another phase of sleep that is even more crucial to overall health. It’s about deep sleepWhen thinking about the mechanism of sleep, three letters often come to mind: R.E.M. These letters also refer to the phase of REM sleep. REM Sleep (for Rapid Eye Movement) has a reputation for being a highly coveted and hard to reach …

How to create a WhatsApp chatbot

You are a WhatsApp user and keep you in direct and instant communication with other people through groups of messages or individual chatting.