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Tag: android

Devoxx France 2012 – Android, Graphism and Performance

3 May, 2012 (09:00) | Devoxx France 2012, Event, Java | By: fabien

At Devoxx France 2012, I attended to the conference titled Android, Graphism and Performance presented by Romain GUY. To begin, Romain is speaking about threads in Android (subject that I am starting to know well) by saying us to not block the main thread, also known as UI thread because user interface operations must run [...]

Get Android sources before version 4 (ICS)

26 April, 2012 (09:00) | Android | By: fabien

If, like me, you are developing under an Android version older than version 4 (also named Ice Cream Sandwich or ICS), you must have seen the SDK Manager doesn’t propose you to get the sources. In fact, it’s possible to manually download them. For that purpose, you must go to the grepcode site, where one [...]

In which thread do I have to execute this code under android ?

25 April, 2012 (09:00) | Android | By: fabien

While I was developing under android, I discovered 3 exceptions thrown by android to indicate execution of code in the wrong thread. The first case is about execution of a request with the apache HTTP client, provided with android. The android documentation advice to use the AsyncTask class for long tasks, in order to avoid [...]

Dialog box under Android

19 April, 2012 (09:00) | Android | By: fabien

With Java / Swing, each showXxxDialog method in the JOptionPane class creates a modal dialog box waiting for a user action. It’s modal because the user can’t do any action outside this one. Let’s take the following example : We can see the call is synchronous, which means the method returns a value that allow [...]

TextView and DatePicker under Android

17 April, 2012 (09:00) | Android | By: fabien

When I first wanted to create a field of date type, I expected to find a ready to use component under Android. It’s not exactly the case ! There is a component called DatePicker for selecting a date and a dialog box called DatePickerDialog that contains it. But there is no associated TextView (or EditText) [...]

Using Space and GridLayout before Android 4 (ICS)

12 April, 2012 (09:00) | Android | By: fabien

The Space and the GridLayout components have been added in Android 4 (also known as Ice Cream Sandwich or ICS) : Space allows to add an empty area in an Android screen. GridLayout allows to organize screen elements in a grid. But how can you use these 2 components if you must develop for an [...]

My First Android project

10 April, 2012 (09:00) | Android, JNode | By: fabien

In the begin of the year, I started my first development under Android for the work. Now it’s finished and I will publish some articles from that first experience. It was very interesting and I have some ideas of free software developments for Android. One of these ideas (that’s not new in fact) is to [...]

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